Thursday, July 23, 2009

Life's a Beach!

Last weekend, we decided on a somewhat last minute trip to the beach. So on Friday afternoon, we packed up and headed to picturesque Ocean City, Maryland. A very generous friend offered for our family to stay in their house right on the beach. After one round of car sickness Ala Ansley Mills, we crossed the bridge and rolled in before dinner. Let me give you a snap shot of what a trip to the beach looks like with three small children. Wake up, eat breakfast over looking the rolling waves crash onto the shore line, precious. Getting them greased up, bathing suits, using the bathroom, swim diapers, snacks, toys, chairs and anything else in your beach bag and to the actual beach... ruthless. "The sand is hot, my legs are tired, i have something in my eye, the waves are too big, I'm hungry, too tired, when are we going to eat lunch, it's too sunny, and a slew of other suggestions.." Even my sweet husband grew weary when his vision of building sandcastles with his children were dashed by Addis. Addis took one look at the castle and decided it was something fun to crash.

Addis taking a break.

Ansley Mills is ready to head to the beach!

Addis was deathly afraid of the ocean! However, he loves eating sand and does not seem bothered by the texture or taste.

Kids buried in the sand, a great way to contain Addis. We had a great time, and are very grateful to our friends who allowed us this opportunity to get away as a family.


Traneal said...

glad to see some people in this family enjoy the beach! haha

The Elliott's Adventures said...

headed to the beach tomorrow. i think you described well what we are in for. we need to take another fripp island trip soon:)