Friday, September 25, 2009

Modified Camping

This summer we attempt to reclaim one of Tom and I's favorite things to do, camping. We would love for our family to have fond memories of spending time together outdoors. Living in DC, we are a mere hour from the Shenandoah Valley, and thought if we needed to bailout in the middle of the night we could. The only concern the girls had were smores, the only concern Addis had was drumming up trouble. Once we set up camp, Ellie was told to go stand by the tent.
Addis needed to be contained while we set up camp and this is what we came up with, back pack carrier.

Making smores and eating smores.

And the "best little camper" award goes to our friend Katie! Our sweet friend, 6 months pregnant with twins! And no that is not her beer... although she is counting down the days...

Our on site chef, Tom preparing a skillet breakfast for us in the rain. Confession, while we ate breakfast and took camp down the kids watched a dvd in the car. So we modified our camping trip to make it work. However, the kids did sleep through the night and we had a blast.